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Now you can play online the best world’s lotteries like European EuroMillions Lotto, Italian SuperEnaLotto,  Spanish El Gordo,  UK Lotto – National Lottery, US Lotteries – PowerBall, MegaMillions, Super Lotto Plus and Australian OZ Lotto and Power Ball  anywhere you are in the World! The  first step  is to set-up your individual player’s account –  you can buy online the lottery tickets if you are a registered player of our online lotto tickets purchasing service, active on the market for over 17 years.

When you will complete the form provided for the account set-up, to your e-mail will be sent an authorisation link enabling completion of the registration process. Following that you can login to your account and start to play your favourite lotteries. We ensure that all private data provided during the registration  will be used only for your transaction processing, enabling proper allocation of  lottery tickets purchesed by you and your lotto winnings management. Registration is free of any charges and is not obliging you to play!

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Please have a look at the statistics of lotto results presented in our website. We hope that the data presented in lotto statistics will help you in selecting the winning lotto numbers.

Playing online lotto with MegaEuroMillions is simple, fast and safe – your personal and transaction data is protected by advanced SSL encryption protocol. Each of the players has an individual account and full access to the transaction history and winnings management. Your lotto results will be sent to your e-mail after each lottery draw.

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Euro Millions

Euro Millions Lottery is a unique lotto game played every Tuesday and Friday by hundreds of millions of players throughout Europe. Now anyone can play Euromillions lotto no matter where they are in the world. Whilst most lotteries are played only by the residents of a single country, Euro Millions lotto has participants from no less than nine countries, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The stakes from lotto participants in each of these countries are pooled together to generate the kind of prizes that make those of national lotteries pale in comparison. The main lotto jackpot starts at 15 million euro. However, that’s not the end of the story. As with many other lotto games, if the jackpot isn’t won on a particular week, the fund is „rolled over” and added to the prize pool for the following lotto draw.

This means that – after just a few weeks without a main lotto prize winner, the jackpot can climb rapidly! The current record for a single lotto winner is €129 million euro (that’s around 180 million US dollars or 114 million British pounds) won by the as yet unnamed player in UK. The record lotto jackpot is €183 million euro which has occurred twice – once it was won by three ticket holders and on another occasion it rolled down to the next tier where 20 people shared a windfall. These massive lotto jackpots have made Euro Millions Lotto one of the most popular lotteries in the world. Give yourself a chance in europes biggest lotto game.

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Super Ena Lotto

Try the scent of one of most exciting lotteries worldwide. Nothing compares to Super Ena! Among the various online lotteries available to players around the globe, Superena Lottery is one of the largest. Its simplicity and record breaking wins have made it extremely popular and huge progress has been made since it was re-launched in 1997. Superena was first started in 1950.

Initially SuperEnaLotto could be played only by people living in Italy, but with the internet it is now possible for anyone living anywhere in the world to play this increasingly popular online lottery game. Lotto draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The odds to win are 6/90. Though the odds are greater than other lotteries it means when you win you win a huge sum.

To play you have to match 6 numbers with any of 90 probable numbers. Six winning numbers are drawn, along with a bonus number (referred to as the Jolly Number). The payout is made out of 5 categories and varies according to the prize pool.

A record breaking Super Ena Lotto prize of €177,729,043 was won by a single ticket holder in October 30, 2010! The Super Ena jackpots are among the largest in the world! With over 10 years in the lottery business, this game continues to grow globally, particularly with the convenience of the internet giving access to people everywhere.

More information about SuperEnaLotto

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Mega Millions (USA)

Mega Millions is a multi-jurisdictional lottery game in the United States. As of July 2008, there were 12 members of Mega Millions lottery. As of 2007, Mega Millions features jackpots of at least $12 million, payable in 26 annual payments. As will be explained later, there are differences in playing Mega Millions in several jurisdictions. Mega Millions is drawn Tuesdays and Fridays.

As of 2008, to play the game, a player picks five numbers from 1 to 56 (white balls) and one additional number from 1 to 46 (the Mega Ball number, a gold-colored ball). The Mega Ball number can be a duplicate of one of the white ball numbers, since the balls are drawn from separate machines.

Drawings are usually held at WSB-TV in Atlanta at 11:00 PM Eastern time on Tuesdays and Fridays. Usually, the announcer is WSB’s chief weather forecaster, Glenn Burns. However, drawings may sometimes be held elsewhere.

OZ Lotto (Australia)

OZ Lotto lottery is an Australian number game with lotto wins at seven levels. The draws take place weekly on Tuesday nights, Australian time, and the highest rollover yet reached is 90 million dollars.

This lottery is often called the ‘Super 7’s Oz Lotto” to emphasise the seven numbers in the pool which need to be selected to win the highest prize and the seven prize divisions of OZ Lotto.

The Lottery offers a chance to win at least 2 million dollars and an exciting chance for higher wins in the case of jackpot, which may amount to 50 million dollars or more.

9 balls are selected from 45 balls numbered 1 to 45. The first seven selected balls are the ‘winning numbers’ and the remaining two are the ‘additional numbers’. To make an OZ Lotto entry you select seven numbers. The OZ Lottery prizes start at three correctly selected numbers and an additional number. To win the jackpot you need to select correctly all seven winning numbers out of a pool of 45 balls.

More info on OZ Lotto lottery ->

OZ Power Ball (Australia)

Our Australian Power Ball, as we call it OZ Power Ball, unlike the American lottery with the same name this is yet another exciting offer of the world lotto games. During the draws taking place weekly on Thursday nights, Australian time, the OZ Power Ball guarantees a minimum amount of the main prize in the amount of 3 million dollars and the multiple rollover jackpot may reach over $50 million – the highest rollover so far has been $80 million.

In an OZ Power Ball lotto draw 5 balls out of 45 balls numbered from 1 to 45 are drawn. An additional ball called ‘Power Ball’ is drawn from another barrel of 45 balls also numbered from 1 to 45. To win the OZ Power Ball the player needs to have all 5 numbers from the first barrel as well as the ‘Power Ball’. For coupon entry for OZ Power Ball you need to select 5 numbers from 1 to 45 and one ‘Power Ball’ number also from 1 to 45.

OZ Power Ball is known in New South Wales and South Australia as Power 45, in Queensland as Power Hit and in West Australia as Power Pik.

More info on OZ Power Ball Lotto lottery ->

El Gordo (Spain)

The El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery, better known as El Gordo, is a national lottery played in Spain with the draws taking place every Sunday. The El Gordo lottery is managed by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado – an official body regulating the lottery monopolies in Spain.

Playing El Gordo involves drawing 5 main numbers out of a pool of 1 to 54 and one bonus number called a „key number” – from 0 to 9. In order to win the main prize you need to select all 5 main numbers and the bonus number.

The El Gordo de la Primitiva lottery may reach a jackpot rollover in the amount of 22 million Euros. Naturally the additional winning stages are available, too. The 2nd degree prize depends on the number of El Gordo tickets sold the week before the draw. Each El Gordo lottery bet has a 1:19 chance of winning the lowest prize.

The El Gordo draws take place every Sunday at 1:00 p.m. of Spanish time (13:00 GMT).  Please note that the lotto bets for EL Gordo lottery may not be placed on Sunday because all lottery offices are closed – it means that the sale of El Gordo bets on PlayEuroMillions website closes at 15:00 GMT the day before the draw, it is on Saturday. An email information with your results will be sent out within a few hours after the draw and confirmation of the results.

Power Ball (USA)

Power Ball lottery is a combined large jackpot lotto game and a cash game. Every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time, during the PowerBall draw five white balls out of a drum with 69 balls are selected and one red ball out of a drum with 26 red balls (PowerBall number).

PowerBall lotto players win by matching one of the 9 ways to win. The lotto jackpot – won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red PowerBall – is either an annuitized prize paid out over 29 years -30 payments – or a lump sum payment. If the winner chooses the annuity, the annual payment will be increased each year by the percentage set out in the Powerball game rules.

The second PowerBall lotto prize – won by matching five white balls in any order – is $1,000,000 paid in cash. The overall odds of winning a prize in the PowerBall lotto game are approximately 1 in 32.

UK Lotto (Great Britain)

In UK Lotto – National Lottery six numbers are drawn from a set of individually numbered balls with numbers in the range 1–59, as well as a further bonus ball. Balls, once drawn, are not returned to the draw machine, therefore each ball (including the bonus ball) can only be drawn once per Lotto draw. Players choose six different numbers by a method of their own choosing at the time they purchase a lotto ticket. Ticket issuing machines can generate a random set of play numbers as a so–called Lucky Dip. Prizes are awarded to players who match at least three of the six drawn numbers with increasing prize value for matching more of the drawn lotto numbers.

In addition to the six drawn numbers, an additional number is drawn as the Bonus Ball. The bonus ball is only relevant to those players who match five of the six drawn numbers, whereby those players matching exactly five of the drawn numbers who also match the bonus ball receive a larger prize than those matching just 5 of the drawn numbers. Anyone matching all six drawn numbers wins a share of the jackpot; the chance of doing so is 1 in 45 million. For players matching at least four of the drawn balls the prize value is dependent on the total number of players also matching the same number of balls in that the prize fund is divided equally between all players matching that number of drawn numbers. In the event that no player matches all six of the drawn numbers the jackpot is accumulated into the next Lotto draw, a so–called Rollover. This accumulation is limited to three consecutive draws. Rollover is a common occurrence, happening once every few draws, though a „treble roll-over” is a rather less common occurrence having happened only twice to date.

The draw is conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Saturday draws started on November 19, 1994, under the name ‚National Lottery’. The first Wednesday draw was on February 5, 1997. All draws are shown live on BBC One in the UK, with the Saturday draw shown as a segment in a range of different Lottery branded gameshows throughout the year. 

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